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[uyqte-cgrlpz]For random number selection, ask for a Quick Pick. Play Multiple Drawings with the same numbers with Multi-Draw Choose the number of consecutive draws you want to play, up to 28, by marking the number of draws on your playslip at the time of purchase or using the myPlayslip feature on the Hoosier Lottery app . There are plenty of fun ways to play: STRAIGHT: Selected numbers must match winning numbers in the exact order. 1-OFF: Selected numbers may be either one higher or one lower than the winning numbers and match in exact order to win.* BOX: Selected numbers may match winning numbers in any order. COMBO (minimum $1 play): Selected numbers may match winning numbers in exact order (Straight) or any order (Box). WHEEL: Every combination of the numbers you select are played as straight. Ticket cost is determined by play amount and number of combinations. FRONT PAIR/BACK PAIR: First/Last two selected numbers match in the exact order drawn.Lottario Winning Numbers These are the latest live Lottario Winning Numbers plus past results from the previous six draws. Saturday January 15th 2022 16 22 23 33 38 43 44 Next Estimated Jackpot $250,000 Past Lottario Numbers Saturday January 8th 2022 1 13 15 20 30 42 21 Saturday January 1st 2022 3 8 24 27 29 41 38 Saturday December 25th 2021 1 3 6 8 27 41 26 Saturday December 18th 2021 6 7 13 27 35 37 43 Saturday December 11th 2021 12 23 26 29 39 44 7 Saturday December 4th 2021 11 18 27 28 34 37 32 This exciting OLG game offers two chances to win on every play. Each play costs just $1 and includes two sets of six numbers from 1 through 45. Tickets purchased by Friday at 11:59:59 pm ET are eligible for a share of the $50,000 Early Bird Draw. The Main Draw has a minimum jackpot of $250,000 that continues rolling over and increasing each week until it's won. Tickets are sold until 10:30 pm on Saturday. Both draws take place on Saturday night after ticket sales close. How to Play For the fastest way to play, ask the retailer for a Quick Pick or grab a Lottario selection slip and mark the Quick Pick box. You'll get a ticket printed with two sets of numbers from 1-45 which have been randomly generated by the lottery computer. Alternatively, you can choose your own numbers on a Lottario selection slip. Each slip has 10 boards and each board gives you one $1 play - so you can play up to 10 times per slip. Choose six numbers from 1-45 inclusive on each board you want to play. You may play six different numbers on each board. Hand your finished selection slip to the retailer and they will print your ticket. Your ticket will contain two sets of numbers for each play: your selected numbers as well as a second set of numbers randomly produced by the lottery computer. Draws are held on Saturday nights. In the Main Draw, six red balls plus a Bonus ball are drawn. In the Early Bird Draw, four red balls are drawn. Encore This Ontario-only bonus game is your chance to win a $1 millio

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